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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall...

I look into the mirror, and how so literally. I see an egotistical and a pretentious reflection staring right back at me, and to me it asks, Why? A common word with a question mark in front of it, and it leaves me spellbound, tongue tied if i may!
I never believed in the inner soul, the concept seems like a lot of hogwash put together in fancy words and printed in expensive books sold for a price that it doesn’t deserve! The society demands it, and we get what we want!
But what do you do when it screams out to you for help, I pretend I am deaf, well, it has worked well for me till now, and i hoped it will forever. But then, Bond or one of those TV people said "Nothing lasts forever" and suddenly even that makes sense!
Every day, everybody does something that he/she regrets today or will regret in the due course of time. Even if it is something as innocent as putting 3 pillows under your head instead of two and maybe as ruthless as putting a man to sleep because of envy and greed. But, it happens. Every place, every minute, every man is doing something that hurts his conscious in one way or the other.
All we can do is hide from that mirror, not let it bother us, let it not talk to the honest braveheart inside us. Let’s not get carried away.
I put on my earphones; they say these devices keep out any other sound from entering your ears! Fancy! But, I think a lawsuit is in order and I need to earn a few millions, because surprisingly I can only hear screams and wails while Lennon soulfully sings about love and peace in the background! Nothing helps when nothing wants to. After all, I hear the background score, "There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done" and, you can’t hide what can’t be hidden!
So here, it goes. I will, and so should you, unveil the lies, not to the people around you but to yourself. Let it give you some kind of peace, that inner soul nonsense they talk about, give it a shot.

P.S. It’s not that I believe in any of the inner soul crap but I have no options left! And desperate times call for stupid measures.

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