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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Blind Man's Eyes

I walked down that street,
A thousand times,
I swam the seas,
Ran the forests down.

I jumped over the moon,
Look at the other side.
I ran the globe, to,
Find the corners,
I drew my dreams on papers.

I looked inside death,
And in my mother’s womb.
Counted the rays on the ball of fire.
I searched the underneath of my brain,
I even cleaned the cupboard.

I clipped hair,
Go down the memory lane.

I flew,I crawled.
I shot, I smiled.
I heard, I spoke.

For all I did,
I did not.
And all the times,
I bled, I cried.
I smoked, I cracked,
I did none,
For all that I said,

I knead, I plant.
I reaped to sow.
I loved, I lost.
I prayed, I lied.
And all these times later.
I find.

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